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Syfonix has been providing quality web hosting solutions to businesses and individuals for the past several years. Our goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals we are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers. Come and join the thousands of other website owners that have already chosen to use our services and see how we can help you with your site.

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Everything You Need For Your Web Presence…

From a small business owner to an individual looking for a fully loaded web hosting solution on a budget, Syfonix Hosting provides everything you need for your web presence.

 Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth  Free Website Builder & Software
 Auto-Installer for 300+ Free Apps  99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee
 Anytime Money Back Guarantee  24/7/365 North American Support


Arvixe Hosting Review

Arvixe is a web hosting provider known for its wide-ranging hosting packages, decent uptime record and beneficial support options. The service provides all the basic web hosting features, plus easy-to-use site creation tools and notable domain capabilities. Overall, Arvixe is a great hosting option but it is lacking a few handy, though nonessential, features. And while the service provides useful support resources, its response times can vary greatly. While you’ll definitely pay a little more for this web hosting service, its comprehensive plans and robust features make it easy to overlook its minor shortcomings.

Arvixe’s hosting packages are comprehensive, versatile and ideal for businesses of all sizes. The service provides both Linux and ASP .NET hosting on Windows servers for small businesses, and VPS hosting and managed dedicated servers for corporations in need of a larger web hosting platform. All of Arvixe’s plans, including the smaller packages for small and medium-sized businesses, come with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The web hosting service also provides unlimited domains under each of its hosting packages, with the exception of its lowest priced plan, which only provides six domains.


The standout feature of the service’s hosting packages is its free domain. As long as you are a client with Arvixe, the web hosting service will pay for your domain name. This is notable because many hosting services will make you pay for your domain or will only pay for it for a limited time (e.g., one year). If you already have a website and simply want to switch web host providers, Arvixe offers free website transfer with your new account. Be aware, however, that the company places size limits on transfer sites – 5GB for sites hosted under its personal class packages and 10GB for business-class accounts.

Arvixe offers an array of both basic and advanced web hosting features. When it comes to creating your site, the service provides easy-to-use site builders that are directly integrated into the host’s control panel. The service also provides a shared SSL certificate and shopping carts for eCommerce websites and one-click app installs. In fact, Arvixe offers access to a large script library that includes blogs, CMS apps and more, and that can be installed on your site in a single click. Not many web hosting services offer a script library, and access to one can help you easily create a unique and dynamic website without you having to code anything.

Once your site is published, Arvixe provides site stats that allow you to gauge your site’s performance. You can use the integrated Awstats or Webalizer software to track your site’s statistics and you can also access subdomain stats and raw access logs. Access to such information is important as it can help you pinpoint areas of your site that may need improvement.

When it comes to accessing your website to upload new content, the web hosting provider offers a handful of options, including FTP access with an unlimited number of FTP accounts, .htaccess support and secure shell (SSH) access. Arvixe also provides anonymous FTP and an FTP manager that allows you, as an administrator, to manage all of the FTP accounts.

When it comes to using Arvixe, there is undoubtedly a learning curve, albeit a small one. The integrated control panel for its Linux hosting is cPanel, a popular application used in many web hosting services for site management. At first glance, the control panel can be a bit overwhelming and new users may find it cumbersome to navigate. Unless you have first-hand experience with web hosting or using cPanel, a little time and research will likely be required to become comfortable and familiar with the service. Before long you should have no problem navigating its interface and accessing various features. One thing we liked is the sections in the left sidebar of the control panel are collapsible, which helps make the interface more navigable.

Arvixe makes great efforts to lessen its inherent learning curve through a rich repertoire of technical support options. The web hosting service provides ample resources, including a knowledgebase, user forums and informative video tutorials that illustrate how to use the service and its many features.

As do most web hosting services, this one also provides free 24/7 phone support. You can also contact technical support through email or online chat. Arvixe typically had fast turnaround times for support, but we did notice that its response times can vary greatly. For instance, during peak business hours we sometimes waited several minutes for an available rep both on the phone and on chat. Other times, we only had to wait a minute or two. While waiting for a rep on the phone, we would have liked the service to say what number caller we were to give us an indication of how long we would have to wait. As it is now, there’s no way to tell whether you’ll have to wait for two minutes or 20 for phone support.

That said, every customer service rep we spoke with provided informative answers. Furthermore, while reps from other services we reviewed were high-pressure and pushy about their products, we didn’t feel this at all with Arvixe customer service reps; they were helpful, friendly and accommodating.



About Arvixe

Arvixe prides itself in providing web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. Arvixe’s edge is derived through unparalleled company management and a culture of employee driven initiatives.

Our services will meet the needs of every customer regardless of their expertise, location, requirements or preferences. Our company will always be the first and last stop for all your web related needs.

  • The Arvixe Advantage:
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Site Uptime
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Returning Customer Discounts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Automatic Setup

Arvixe also provides

Free Domain for Life:

We offer a free domain for life with every hosting account. As long as you renew your hosting account with us, we will renew your domain name at no charge on any .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz and .info domains.

Linux and Windows Hosting:

We offer multiple plans within each of the Personal Class, Business Class, VPS and Dedicated Hosting options.

RV Site-builder:

All of our Personal Class, Business Class, Reseller Class and E-commerce Class web hosting plans are accompanied by RVSiteBuilder free of charge. This advanced site builder integrates into our control panel to provide seamless transition from website creation to website management.


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Drag & Drop Site Builder by FatCow

Cows are simple creatures, and that is what we like about them. There is nothing like the half-lidded gaze of a bovine to sooth frazzled nerves. Even in their wildest variations, they seldom venture beyond a dual color scheme. What if web hosting service was like that? Simple, easy and calm; FatCow is exactly that – an alternative to the technical, complicated market of web hosting. They offer everything you need to get a basic website off the ground. This service is easy to use and the supporting staff is competent, but don’t expect sophistication. If you crave techno-talk, cows make for poor company. You can only be disappointed.

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The pricing scheme is a little bit different from what you will find on most web hosting services. They sell their services in year-sized lumps called “terms.” You will get the best price per month with the three-year term, but you can also purchase a two-year or 12-month plan. If you decide that FatCow is not the right fit for you, they have a full refund policy for the first 30 days following signup.

The basic package also includes $75 in advertising credit from Google, $25 from Yahoo and $50 from Facebook. These credits are redeemable for advertising space on their respective sites, and can be a nice little boon to your traffic when you first start up. Other little goodies include a free listing, WordPress blogging tools and the Joomla content management system.

Although this web hosting service is easy to use, it is always nice to have a knowledgeable fallback to consult in the event of a technical problem. An emphasis on customer service is part of FatCow’s unique business approach. The adorable, cuddly and always approachable Moo Crew is available to answer your questions 24/7.

This web hosting service strives to simplify the complex task of starting a website by offering one service package that includes all the essentials. If you are just getting your pinky toe wet before taking the plunge, they also offer a “MiniMoo” package that allows you to park a domain and start up your email accounts. When you are ready to push out into something bigger, you can easily upgrade to the full package. This simplified pricing scheme is good for new users. Veterans may find the FatCow service strategy to be oversimplified and suffocating. We would have liked more explicit information on their FTP. They don’t mention .htaccess support or cron jobs compatibility.

The web hosting service’s site builder is easy to use, but it offers enough advanced features that it will appeal to beginners and experienced users alike. The service integrates Google Custom Search, which enables you to search within your website, and Webmaster Tools, which provide you with right features to manage your website. The web hosting service also supports WordPress, Gallery2 and phpBB, allowing you to turn your website into a blog or add message boards and photo galleries to it.

FatCow Summary: 7.1/10
Overall, FatCow is a mediocre web hosting service that will meet most needs of personal and small business users, given its easy-to-use site creation tools, decent feature set and affordable price. However, subpar server access, reporting and statistic capabilities leave much to be desired with this run-of-the-mill site hosting service. Choose FatCow if you need a laid-back web hosting resource.





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